About pGina

pGina was originally written by Nate Yocom.

pGina is currently primarily developed and maintained by David Wolff and Nate Yocom.


Our most sincere thanks goes to the current, past, and future users of pGina. It is your need, feedback, and support that allows this community to exist.

Additionally, our thanks to David Wolff. David jumped on board with the 3.0 re-write and has contributed immeasurably to it's implementation. He wrote the LDAP plugin, the MySQL plugins, the Session Limit plugin, contributed documentation, fixed bugs and added features to pGina core, the Plugin API and just about every other facet of the project. Thank you!

Steve Cross deserves more than just a nod, as he single-handedly kept the 2.x branch moving forward for several years after the primary developer took an extended hiatus. It was this determination to keep the project going that eventually helped convince the original developer to again re-focus on the project.